Interface IP Survey & Forecast 8th version has been released from IPnest!

(issued on September  2016).


Market Research on IP

IP-nest provides report focused on the fast growing IP:

PCI-Express, MIPI, USB3.0, HDMI, (LP)DDRn, Ethernet & SerDes...



IP vendor like it: they get a complete picture of today's market, they know everything about their competition,  they get a 5 years projection of the market size

Their customers like it too! They know the real market price, get an accurate

picture of such a competitive market: who is up, who exit...  Such a report helps them to save money and Time to Market, making the most effective selection!


IP Marketing Services

IP-nest provides Sales and Marketing services to IP vendor and Semiconductor companies.


IP vendor: we can help you to boost your sales!

Help you to select the next high runner IP function, define the best way to add it to your port-folio, either through development, either through acquisition, thanks to an insider know how of the IP market.

Ecosystem: Help you to build partnerships to create value, and create awareness through effective marcom.

Develop new sales channel, find Representatives where you need it


Semiconductor vendor, Fabless or IDM: need to add new features to your product, and keep an aggressive Time to Market?

We will help you to select the best in class IP, available on line with your schedule

We will find the IP which best fit with your needs, at the right price!


On demand Market survey

We will be happy to realize on demand research on IP (like we did already for Synopsys, Mixel, Cast, Cadence...)


We also can build a specific survey tailored for your needs:

Interested into the "Interface IP survey 2010-2020" few chapters only?

We can built it using existing data and propose a "bundle" option -

And pricing will be more attractive than if you buy the surveys separately!

Please just ask!